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Normal menstruation is between five and seven days with a fairly balanced blood flow, while up to two weeks to 25 days. In situations when dealing with situations too long over 14 days and often occur they should consult a doctor for further examination.

Menstrual periods can be divided into two types, namely primary and secondary. The primary detector is caused by the production of prostagandin hormones by the body which causes the contraction of the uterus that is more common. It usually occurs in unmarried women and attacks on the first and second days of menstruation.

The second risk is due to the presence of endometrial cells outside the womb (endometriosis) and occurring bleeding in the abdomen or chronic infection. This is usually the case for women aged and persist during menstrual bleeding.

If menstrual problems persist and cause seizures, bleeding does not stop, extreme pain, blood clots and too often need to change the pads, see the doctor. This is because only doctors can consider what happens.

See a doctor if you experience these signs:

  • Menstrual changes
  • Stops for 12 months and then returns
  • Need to change the pads only after several hours of changing them
  • Experiencing bleeding
  • Extreme pain
  • Guide to eliminating menstruation or menstrual pain

Calm the soul: This is a potent remedy. Need to calm down and avoid stress when menses come late or not. For more certainty, see doctor.

Rest enough and sleep: While sleep is not a problem solving, it helps to forget about a moment. When waking up, you feel fresher and energetic.

Heater cushions: Heated cushions or heat pads can help ease tension in the abdomen. It also releases blood from muscle spasms. Experts advise when this activity occurs, adjust it according to your comfort. In addition to electric heating cushions, it is possible to use the traditional way of attaching the stomach with a hot towel, a bottle filled with hot water and a stove.

Walking or running: Physicians suggest that those who are less likely to exercise may have severe abdominal pain. Walking fast helps to alleviate the discomfort as this activity can release endorphins that can reduce pain.

Hot shower: This will help you relax your abdominal muscles and more importantly, calming your mind. It can also be supplemented with aromatherapy odors as a peace of mind.

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