10 tips are easy to memorize quickly

توليسله اڤ يڠ كاو ليهت، چاتتله اڤ يڠ كاو فيكيركن، بيار مريك ايت تاهو بهاوا ملايو ايت بوكن سمواڽ بوليه دڤربودوهكن. كيت اومت ملايو بڠسا يڠ بردولت، اڬام اسلام منجاديكن كيت هيدوڤ برمرواه، برجواڠله ممباڠونكن بڠسا، منڬقكن اڬام دان ممڤرتاهنكن نڬارا. ايڠتله ڤسانكو اين، بيار ڤوتيه تولڠ، جاڠن ڤوتيه مات

1. Focus
Before opening the book, make sure you focus and give full attention. Avoid sound disturbances as it may interfere with concentration. Preferably, just close the cellphone.

2. Read aloud
Read in a loud tone so that you can hear yourself. Before that make sure the doors and windows are closed, so that your loud voice does not interfere with the comfort of others.

3. Teach others
Teaching others is one of the best ways to memorize. This will improve understanding and memory. That's why science has to be taught to others because one of the benefits you will personally become understand and remember.

4. Exercise mirror front
If you do not have a listener who is willing to accompany you like a family member or friend, you can even talk in front of the mirror.

5.General recorders
Use the memory card. There are many recorders you can use to help memorize.

6. Relax
Let your mind calm down as you get more relaxed, you'll be easy to memorize and improve your understanding so much higher.

7. The right time
Choose the right time to memorize. Most excellent and successful students, they will be asleep after a couple of days and wake up 2/3 a night to memorize.

8. Repeated times
To memorize, it needs to be read repeatedly. Preferably up to 7 times. This is because the more you repeat, the more you can remember it.

9. Make notes
Notes help in strengthening the power of memorization. Record important point or hightlight so you do not have to read repeatedly in an unimportant part.

10. Balanced food.
Eating a balanced diet as it is very important to give the nutrients needed by the brain.
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