Items that can not be brought into the aircraft

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Sharp object

Do not take small scissors, shaving blade points, bottle opener, nail cutters and any sharp items can be brought on the ground for your convenience.

Despite its small size, it remains sharp and can definitely harm the passengers on the plane.

However, you are allowed to carry this sharp item if it is through a large baggage, not a handbags that you are in hand to fear that can be used as a weapon.

Liquid Goods

The prohibited liquor carried by airplanes is the type of oil and liquid lighters. However, non-hazardous liquids should be inserted into a container that does not exceed 100ml and needs to be wrapped in a tightly bonded plastic.

Liquids that are excluded more than permitted limits such as medicines, foods and infant milk can be carried by airplane.

Spraying Tool

This answer may help women why you are not allowed to carry hair sprayers, perfumes, insecticides, pepper sprayers, lighters and all kinds of sprayers as they contain gas content that can cause fire.

This material can easily explode due to heat. But you can carry it through the big luggage.

Sports equipment

Regardless of whether you are an athlete or otherwise, any sports equipment that can be used as weapons is forbidden to be carried into the aircraft.

Even though the sporting equipment is blunt like a hockey stick or a tennis rackets, you are not allowed to take it on the plane as it can cause injuries to passengers due to its size.

It can also disturb the public when storing items on the storage space.


There are fruits that are not allowed to be brought in due to the smell that is feared to disturb the passenger comforts such as durian and kuini fruit.

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