10 facts about coffee

توليسله اڤ يڠ كاو ليهت، چاتتله اڤ يڠ كاو فيكيركن، بيار مريك ايت تاهو بهاوا ملايو ايت بوكن سمواڽ بوليه دڤربودوهكن. كيت اومت ملايو بڠسا يڠ بردولت، اڬام اسلام منجاديكن كيت هيدوڤ برمرواه، برجواڠله ممباڠونكن بڠسا، منڬقكن اڬام دان ممڤرتاهنكن نڬارا. ايڠتله ڤسانكو اين، بيار ڤوتيه تولڠ، جاڠن ڤوتيه مات

1. A cup of coffee contains 115 milligrams (mg) of caffeine

2. A cup of concentrated coffee or espresso contains approximately 80 mg of coffee.

3. The coffee tree only grows in the area around the equator

4. There are 1,200 chemical components in coffee with more than half these components sparking different flavors found in coffee.

5. Most individuals enjoy two cups of coffee a day.

6. A total of 400 million copies are enjoyed worldwide making it the most popular drink.

7. The first Espresso machine was introduced in 1822 by the French. It was later popularized by the Italians.

8. A cup of espresso requires the use of 42 coffee beans

9. Instant coffee created Inggers live in Guatemala, G Washington, 'Red E-Coffee' in 1909

10. 'Cappuccino' designation for a cup of coffee mixed with milk cream.
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